Public Defenders


The vast multi-verse is collapsing, combining alternate realities into one. Can the heroes of the combined multi-verse find the cause and stop the destruction of countless realities?
A young hero finds herself in an alternate universe where she never existed, and meets people from her past world in this world, who don’t know her. Can she reconcile her past with her current reality?
A hero is dead, again. Multiple bodies of the same hero, from different realities, are being found all over River City. Can the Public Defenders find out why, and save the other versions of this heroine before it’s too late?


The Public Defenders is a sweeping 9 part animated event, featuring all new “Golden Age” styled heroes with a modern take.
We’ll be supporting the 90 page series script with web comics, printed graphic novel, and social media blasts, so the Public Defenders is sure to take media by storm.


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