An accident in a research lab, left Carl Simmons with skin scaled with diamonds, Growing and replaced like the teeth of a shark, Carl has an endless supply of diamonds and a nigh invulnerable hide. Using his new found wealth, he purchased investment properties in neglected areas, and in costume, fights crime to bring up the property values. The street kids call him “culero”(ass hole in Spanish), which lead to him calling himself Cool Arrow, not knowing what it meant. As the Cool Arrow, no one knows who he is, or why he fights crime, but what they do know is that his skill cannot be surpassed. Also, that he has unlimited funds, that he flaunts with what they believe to be bejeweled armor, and Golden Bow.


Powers: Invulnerable skin. Weapon skills, fighting skills, climbing skills, gadgets.

Voice Talent Consideration

Carl Lumbly

Phil Lamarr