Father: Crackdown (hero) aka Roy Rojas.

Mother: Bewitcher (villain) aka Della Frost.

Back Story:

Crackdown and Bewitcher have a love hate relationship as they battle on opposite sides of the law. Eventually Bewitcher turns from a life of crime, and the two begin a romance. A child is born, Sonrisa Frost-Del Mundo. At age 10, Sonrsa sees her mother return to crime, causing her father to track her down. A showdown ensues and Bewitcher kills Crackdown in front of Sonrisa. Unable to deal, she vows to extract revenge on her mother for killing her father, and at age 16, she takes on the moniker Swoop.

Swoop learns that Bewitcher had killed her Grandfather in an attempt to lure Crackdown into the relationship, and he subsequently never found his father’s killer. For inspiration, swoop carried both, her father and grandfather’s masks.

In a showdown, Swoop extracts her revenge, killing Bewitcher, who was proud to see her daughter take after her.

Soon she sees her universe consumed by another, and finds herself on Multiverse Earth Beta 102 (M.E.B-102); a world where both Crackdown and Bewitcher still live. A world where they never married, and she was never born.

Powers: Force Field, Flight, Invisibility, energy beams.

Voice Talent Consideration

Tara Strong

Jenna Ortega