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“Team Killer”



It’s not just a game


Laurie wakes up tied to a chair, with a lone TV blaring news footage of her apparent suicide and search for her missing body, only to discover a madman has kidnapped her with intentions of playing a video game in real life. 


Laurie and her teammates had just one the national E-sports championships, only to find she’s been kidnapped, while the world believes she’s committed suicide. Now she must play a twisted live version of the game, against her teammates with death match rules, to find out who kidnapped her, and escape with her life. 

Intrest in...

Crystal Reed

Reed attended Wayne State University where she pursued fine arts, but left before finishing her bachelor’s degree to move to Chicago where she performed in local plays and continued to take improv and theater classes at places like Second City, iO Chicago Theater and Act One Studios before she moved to Hollywood.

Since the start of her career, Crystal Reed has made guest appearances on television shows such as CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (2000), Rizzoli & Isles (2010), and CSI: NY (2004). In 2010, Reed appeared in the film Skyline (2010), and in 2011 she landed a role in MTV’s Teen Wolf (2011) along with co-stars Tyler Posey and Dylan O’Brien.

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