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“The following, we think, is what defines a good web hosting company – not the reasonable prices, but the ease of use. Our hosting packages are equipped with value-added tools, which will help you to easily set up and administer your web site. Domain-wise, we offer over fifty universal and country-specific top-level domain names at affordable prices – from popular gTLD extensions like .COM and .NET, to country-specific domains like .DE, .EU, .CA, .CO.UK and many more. “

$59.96 a year. Taxes and fees may apply.

Seccure your domain

A domain is the alpha-numeric combination that you will select to be the web address for the web site. As the domain name is just a name and nothing more than that, you need a website hosting plan where you have to include it. Thus, when you write it in a browser, it will exhibit the website files that you have in the account, i.e. it will exhibit your site. You can have a domain name registered with a given company and obtain the hosting service from another, although numerous web hosting distributors provide both services and it is more user-friendly to handle everything from one and the same website hosting CP interface. Either way, because the domain name registration and the website hosting account are separate services, you have to point the domain to the web server where it will be added as hosted. To accomplish that, you need to change a particular setting, or record, of the domain – the so-called name servers. Each web hosting distributor has at least 2 name servers – and, for example. The web hosting CP that you have for your domain gives you the option to modify the name server records and point the domain name to one web hosting provider or another.

domain prices vary.

Designs that sell

According to, a simple responsive web design with e-commerce integration can be as little as 9k and as high as 14k.

Monthly design maintenance can be from $400 to $60,000 a year.

It’s possible to find free alternatives, but free always looks free.

We can help you find the middle ground, where you are guided to building your own responsive website with no monthly maintenance fees. Live free of depending on someone else for your site.


Don't fall into this trap!


Traditional costs



  • hosting
  • domain
  • maintenance

$9,000.00 av.

One time start up design

  • Domain transfer
  • design
  • hosting set up

$12,000.00 av.

total cost:

$21,000.00 av

Excluding fees and taxes.

Our costs


About half the average cost with no monthly maintenance unless needed. Excluding fees and taxes.

  • Hosting
  • Domain transfer
  • hosting set up
  • C-Panel access
  • E-Commerce ready
  • emails (
  • Web design via WordPress
  • Maintenance training
  • Monthly maintenance available at extra cost
  • 24 hour customer service on hosting or website issues

WordPress offers virtually unlimited design choices, plug-ins that make selling online a breeze, and a huge community that helps ease training.

Be it an online gallery, or market, wordpress on the back end can get you there.

$5,000.00 non refundable start up fee will get the ball rolling on your new site.

Make easy $1,000 monthly payments during the design, training and set up process.

Monthly Maintenance Fees of $500 may incur if the process takes longer than 5 months.