Miles Morales is Spider-Man from the Ultimate Universe. He was bitten by a genetically-modified spider and given powers similar to Spider-Man’s, however, he also has bio-electrokenisis powers, and the power to stun enemies with a “venom blast” and blend into his surroundings. He has a close relationship with his mother and father.

The debate over who is Spider-Man, Miles Morales or Peter Parker, is a distraction. This is not a debate about who is better, this is a debate about which Spider-Man is the real Spider-Man. And the answer is both of them. They are both the real Spider-Man.

However, according to, “Miles told Peter that he felt being Spider-Man was something distinctly belonging to Peter, because its origins were rooted in Peter’s pain.” Therefore any question about who is Spider-Man is answered in the pages of Marvel Comics.

Miles Morales: Spider-Man (2022) #1


December 07, 2022

  • Writer:Cody Ziglar
  • Penciler:Federico Vicentini
  • Cover Artist:Dike Ruan

Spider-Man faces the strongest super-powered foes and most dangerous gauntlets the Multiverse can throw his way, and every time Miles Morales falls, he rises again — stronger than before.

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