Alienoid Movie Review

Movie Review

Alienoids is an action-packed mystery in several genres packed into just over two hours. What looks like multiple stories intertwined over various historical periods turns out to be, well, we can’t say without giving away the story.

Instantly, we get hooked by the introduction that aliens use human bodies as a prison. It’s been this way for centuries. Time-traveling aliens round up criminals in time, who escape their hosts and place them in new hosts in a different era.

These wardens of the prison planet we call Earth find themselves caring for a child they raise as their own, but not before experimenting on her.

There’s magic, time travel, aliens, sword fights, spaceships, escape plans, and a plot to destroy our planet with humans unaware of the danger in our midst.

Alienoids is executed with the grandeur we expect from Asian period pieces and the spectacle we expect from the current superhero blockbusters in theaters. It’s a good time that leaves you wanting more.
Our score is nine out of ten.

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Final Rating

Writer/Director        CHOI Dong-hoon



                RYU Jun-yeol (as Muruk)

                KIM Woo-bin (as Guard)

                KIM Tae-ri (as Ean)

                SO Ji-sub (as Moon Do-seok)

                YUM Jung-ah (as Madam Black)

                JO Woo-jin (as Mr. Blue)

                KIM Eui-sung (as Jajang)

                LEE Ha-nee (as Min Galien)

                SHIN Jung-geun (as Right Paw)

                LEE Si-hoon (as Left Paw)

Presented by            CJ ENM

Production Company        Caper Film


Produced by            AHN Soo-hyun, CHOI Dong-hoon

Producer            KIM Sung-min

Director of Photography    KIM Tae-kyung

Gaffer                HONG Seung-chul

Production Designer        RYU Seong-hie, LEE Ha-jun

Costume Designer        CHO Sang-kyung

Make-Up & Hair Designer    KIM Hyun-jung

Music by            JANG Young-gyu

Production Sound Mixer    EUN Hee-soo

Edited by            SHIN Min-kyung

Sound Supervisor        CHOI Tae-young

VFX Supervisor        Jay Seung JAEGAL

Digital Intermediate        PARK Jin-young


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