The Ambush Movie Review

Movie Review

Based on a true story, unrelentingly intense action drama THE AMBUSH—by Pierre Morel, the director of Taken—debuts on  Blu-ray and DVD with an all-new English dub on December 13 from Well Go USA Entertainment.

Three UAE soldiers desperately await rescue after their armored vehicle is attacked by heavy enemy gunfire, leaving them trapped in a remote canyon with only one chance for survival, a daring, rescue mission plotted by their courageous commander. THE AMBUSH stars Marwan Abdulla Saleh.

As the film begins, we see our band of heroes training together, almost all with positive attitudes, one week before they head home. One is carving a toy horse as a gift for his daughter. Our heroes are strong men with strong family ties and an honorable drive to work hard and support each other.

They are not weak or two-dimensional jarheads. These are complex characters with a clear goal. There’s no mistake; these are the good guys.

On patrol, they come across a Yemen patrol with car issues who’ve seen signs of trouble. Half the patrol stays behind to help the Yemen military get back on the road as the rest moves on. This becomes important later.

The rest continues to patrol and come across a goat herder who heard shots in the night. They drop off supplies and move on. The terrain is rocky, hot, and unforgiving. The separated patrol is ambushed with a two-pronged attack that quickly disabled their vehicles with heavy fire, RPGs, and mines on the roads. The assault on our heroes continues. The call for help goes out, but the quick response team is an hour away.

So the die is cast in a cat and mouse game, where the mice have the home-field advantage, and the cats watch in horror as they are picked away little by little. Advance UAV gives the base an eagle-eye view of the scene, but the QRT can’t seem to advance as more and more enemy positions pop up on the rescue route.

Based on actual events, this thrilling military drama paints a chilling picture of armed desert combat. No amount of preparation can prepare one to fight idealistic determination. The ultimate goal of your presence in a foreign land is not to win but to go home, and the enemy’s goal is to send you home. Both sides are in agreement and fighting for the same end.

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