Don't Touch it!

An animated horror short

trouble in south texas

Nightwalkers tells the story of a couple lost in South Texas who discover something that should have been left alone. Met coldly by the unwelcoming locals, they soon find themselves facing danger in an abandoned town.

Alan and Rebecca run afoul of locals deep in the hill country of south Texas. They are non-courteous, very guarded and very intolerant of strangers. Keeping an eye on the travelers, they do their best to move them on to more welcoming parts of Texas. But when the couple decides to keep looking for the old ghost town, the locals move in to keep their secrets.

Dennis O'Neill

Alcides Dias

Sheran Goodspeed Keyton

Bill Hass

The Team

Writer, Director, Animator

DANIEL ROSALES has been an artist for well over 25 years. His work has hung in galleries through out the State of Texas, and in private collections from Louisiana to England; his unique vision continues to inspire the creative, with a series of “Magic paintings” still used by magicians across the US. Daniel has served with the nonprofit Endeavor Cinema Group, was a founding member & Manager of the Fort Worth Indie Film Showcase, and still serves on an advisory capacity. Daniel has also illustrated a children’s book, and designed websites and posters for many filmmakers domestically throughout North America.

Executive Producer

AL DIAS has been involved with the entertainment industry for over 25 years and is accredited with Honors Certification in Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management. Starting off his career in the music industry as an Independent Record Label owner/producer led to his introduction to Television and Film and attended the Art Institute of Dallas in 1995.

Having worked with many talented and gifted individuals such as Chuck Norris, Brian Cox and Johnny Knoxville, Robert Rodriguez and Danny Trejo, The Farrelly Brothers and more has provided a foundation for Mr. Dias to build and expand his pursuits into productions of great significance while getting more involved as an Executive Producer/ Producer/ Writer.

With several films in post-production and a diversified slate Mr. Dias plans to deliver not only a great performance when cast but productions with substance……. American Classics for audiences to enjoy globally.