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1st Saturday Morning

This pilot is a throw back to the days of Saturday morning TV and features a comedic bunny in silent film styled misadventures. Other cartoons are planned as part of the series.

A comedic bunny in silent film styled misadventures.

Join the Galactic Guardian and his two junior recruits as they defend the solar system from alien invaders.

A comic book Adaption is on the way.

Join the young ‘Blocklet’ gang as they search for treasure and foil the plans of the ‘Land Pirate Jane.’

The peaceful slimes are plagued by the ever intrusive gummies.

Kidwise: The world According to Ben

This animated short is based on the the children’s book series of the same name.

Collection of weekly comic strips based on the first book.

Half hour animated comedy special in the vein of Snoopy or Rugrats.

Love is Magic

This short film tells the story of Mago the Magician and his assistant, who is seeing another magician on the side.

The Grimm Tales of Rainbow Falls

"Tied in Negotiations"

This short film series turned novel tells the tale of a sleepy town in Texas where the paranormal is just plain normal.

Book one of the Master Fish saga. 2 books planned.

Book one of the Dino-Chicken Saga. 3 Books planned.

My Frankenstein

The key to our Superhero comic universe are the mother and father of all heroes and villains. The Adam and Eve of super powered being’s tale is told within the pages of the 4 part mini series.

  • 4 part Web Comic
  • Graphic novel Adaption
  • Novelization


Cast out of Heaven for daring to love a mortal woman, Yehudia aka Yuri is a fallen angel who was punished; his manhood removed for all eternity, with his one true love resurrected to live her life without him over and over again. Yuri is on a mission to restore his body by any means and to love his woman again.

Cast out of Heaven Tob-ael seeks to redeem himself by saving his brother, who has become a monster on earth. By saving his brother, he feels he can save himself.

Thora ia Yuri’s one and only love, and has been reincarnated hundreds of times. each incarnation does not remember the last. She knows why Yuri is stalking her and doesn’t believe she’s his long lost love, yet she can’t seem to hate the monster.

Bored by his lot on this earthly plane, death seeks to amuse himself by rewriting the book of life, or passing his mantle to another.

Modern Era Superhero: Born in the first age of legendary heroes, the son of an Angel and his mortal bride, Nightbird has worked in the shadows throughout history to wage a war against evil. Using powers granted to him through his lineage, Nightbird works with others on occasion to reach his goals.

Modern Era Superhero: Born in the first age of legendary heroes, the son of an Angel and his mortal bride, Sampson has reinvented himself time and time again to wage a war against evil.

New Stunning Adventures

This anthology comic series is the key to introducing the many characters in our superhero universe.

  • Web Comics
  • Graphic Novels
  • Bi-Monthly Comic Series
  • TTRPG Adaption and tie in


Atomic Battle Hero Fighters

This short film turned comic book tells the story of a young boy as he journeys through the pages of a book, battling enemies and overcoming challenges in epic video game-inspired levels. 

  • Short Film
  • Comic Adaption
  • Game Adaption

Zombie X Mafia

Formerly titled ‘Mafia Zombie Killers’, this film script turned novel tells the story of a Mafioso hell bend on saving his family over ‘the Family’ during the apocalypse.

  • Film Script
  • Novelization
  • Comic Adaption
  • Game Adaption


"Tied in Negotiations"

This award winning horror short and 4 part comic series weaves the tale of two travelers who unlock the gates of hell.

  • 4 part animated series
  • Novelization
  • Comic Adaption

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